Privileged Partnership with Mazak

Chevin Tools Inc. has been a approved partner with Mazak for over 20 years, enabling us to become a leading, high quality exponent in the manufacture and supply of Mazak toolholders and accessories for the machine tool industry.

We are constantly expanding the product range to accommodate specific customer requirements and machine developments by Mazak.

  • Approved partner (since 1987)
  • Privileged supplier for essential parts (toolholdings and accessories)
  • Indepth knowledge of Mazak products and specifications
  • Reciprocal transfer of information
  • Collaborate with production spares and application offices around the world

This has enabled Chevin Tools to become a leading supplier of Mazak tooling around the world. The Chevin Tools range includes holders based on the original Mazak designs and both metric and inch sizes are available. The current product range available provides tool holders for the following Mazak series:

  • Quick Turn (QT)
  • Super Quick Turn (SQT)
  • Multiplex (MP)
  • Nexus (QTN)
  • Slant Turn (ST)
  • Dual Turn (DT)
  • Integrex
  • Super Quadrex (SQR)

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Chevin Tools also supply a complete range of Chevin Capto™ style holders, Split Boring Bar Holders and our newest innovation, Through Coolant toolholders for Mazak machines. Through-Coolant-Boring-copy.png

We offer:

  • Extensive stocks of our standard Mazak range
  • Short delivery time for bespoke toolholders
  • Advice of best solutions
  • Full refurbishments service for all our toolholders
  • Technical support for Mazak sales process
  • Familiarity with the Mazak part numbering system

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Your Exclusive Web Access

This simple to navigate site has been created for you as a Mazak distributor to help facilitate your understanding of our toolholding range, making detailed specifications easily accessible and enable a straightforward and responsive online enquiry and order process.

This site allows you exclusive access to the following information.

Chevin Capto™, Through Coolant Toolholders and Split Boring Bar Holders - available for Mazak machines.

Mazak Standard Static Toolholder Range - available for Mazak machines.

Recommended Holders – our recommended holders are highlighted. These holders are offered at our most competitive prices and on a short lead time.

Online Quotes & Ordering – once you know which tool holder you are interested in or have an enquiry you can simply complete the online form and we’ll get back to you.

Order Acknowledgment – when we have received your order we will confirm the details and delivery date by email.

Stock List – when viewing individual toolholders you will be able to see whether it is a product we currently have in stock.

Ability to filter by Machine Model or Toolholder - there is the ability to select the correct tool for your application by machine model

Access to Machine Specific Brochures - available to download, printable format available on request.

Mazak Part Numbers & Models - you can view detailed information on each toolholder.

Price – certain levels of access will allow the user to view your unique prices of individual toolholders